We recently worked with a poultry site which was having issues with some problematic water incoming from a borehole. We supplied a fully automated system for ease of the customer. A great installation, we are pretty happy with this one.

On this site we were dealing with hard water, iron, turbidity. Which is a no, no and no.

what we supplied

Filter ag+
Pyrolox unit
Carbon unit
Duplex softener
RO and Remineralisation

We are producing 1.2m3/h of permeate water which is safe and filtered to use on site.

Filter Ag+ is to remove rocks, giraffes, fiat 500s and sediment from the water. This was supplied as it has a large surface area, microporous structure for highly efficient turbidity filtration which is exactly what this poultry site was struggling with. It also has a surface area 100 times greater than silica sand, resulting in better filtration.

Next up was Pyrolox. This filtration media has been used in water treatment for over 75 years! Pyrolox helps with removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from problem water, and doesn’t require a regeneration process or softener salt. A Carbon unit was also supplied as it helps with removing a chlorine taste you can sometimes get in your water and odour removal; but in this case it helped particularly with taste and odour removal for this poultry sites water.

At J&F we are very happy with the extensive range of filter media and resins we sell. If you’d like to read up on all of the ones on offer please refer to our blog post here.

ROWe then move onto the Duplex Water Softeners which you will have heard us bang on about many, many times, nearly as much as Ecomix! But Duplex water softeners help with hardness in the water. Our duplex water softeners supply softened water 24/7 with no downtime during regeneration.

Finally, the Reverse Osmosis System which removes up to 99.8% of impurities from your water. We have a large and growing range of RO systems take a look at what we can offer here.

If you are struggling with any issues in your water that resembles the ones stated above, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you can see, we can provide an effective, tailored solution that can be designed to treat your specific water treatment needs in any domestic or commercial property.

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