Imagine the worst kind of water. The sort that’s likely coming out of a borehole in the ground. It’s filthy for a start, with high levels of sediment and organic compounds. It’s also full of iron and manganese which is always a pain to get out of water. Now let’s add on the fact that this hypothetical water source is right in the middle of a hard water area, so that’s going to have to be treated as well. Finally, as though all this wasn’t bad enough, there’s also Ammonia present in the water.

So the water is hard, has high turbidity, full of iron and manganese, corrosive and stinks. I imagine not just a few of you reading this can already picture the solution in your head. It probably involves multiple water treatment tanks with water softener, carbon filters and more than likely Pyrolox and a Filter Ag+ unit for good measure, correct? A multi-tank solution for a complex and highly problematic water supply.

Well, now imagine if it was possible to treat all that with a single mineral tank. Just one, dealing with the whole lot. Too good to be true, right?

Enter Ecomix.
An All-In-One Solution

Ecomix Unit

It’s not a magical miracle or a tall tale. Ecomix is an all-in-one solution and it’s thanks to experience, science and no small amount of ingenuity. A five-ingredient mix, this hybrid solution is blended to provide excellent treatment for all the most common water treatment solutions. The five ingredients haven’t been thrown in haphazardly either, the levels of each filter media and the perfect blend has been worked on for years to provide the most efficient and effective water treatment solution for all the top water treatment requirements.

Why bother with several different media and filters when Ecomix has all the major bases covered? It’ll be cheaper and just as effective.

Ecomix has a quality sediment filter media (called HumiSorb) for removing organic compounds, dirt and grime from the water. It’s on par with any other media you’d care to point out.

Secondly, the FerroSorb media is designed for removing iron and manganese from the water supply. This process removes all the most common types of iron from water; dissolved, suspended, organic and colloidal. The FerroSorb media also has plenty of active sites for removing manganese too, and all this without the need for aeration or chlorination. Essentially, put the water supply through Ecomix and it’ll do the job.

Next, there’s a quality softener resin mixed into the blend, which removes the most common causes of water hardness, such as CaCo3 from the water. No need for a water softener when it’s already included in Ecomix.

The final component to the Ecomix blend helps to remove Ammonia from the water supply as well, a common problem of corrosive and smelly water.

Ecomix also benefits from the fact that it regenerates via regular softener salt. Nothing else required.

All that in just one tank? Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying. All of that is in just one tank.
Ecomix A and P

Ecomix isn’t just one product, either. There’s two variations, depending on your requirements.

ECOMIX water filter materialEcomix A is the quintessential Ecomix solution. This is the classic recipe. It’s the robust, hard working solution for everything we described above. Water hardness, iron and manganese, sediment filter and ammonia treatment, all in one package. If you’re looking to deal with a complex number of issues with a water supply, then Ecomix A is your solution.

On the other hand, Ecomix A may seem like an extreme solution for less problematic water solutions. That’s where Ecomix P comes in. This lightweight alternative doesn’t include the ammonia treatment component but it still tackles the rest of the issues with the same reliability as it’s heavy duty cousin. Ecomix P is a more cost effective solution when you don’t need the full force of Ecomix A to deal with your water supply issues. Even if all you need is to remove the sediment, turbidity and iron from your water supply, Ecomix P is likely to be a more cost effective solution than buying separate media for each of those issues.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Ecomix Gold Certificate

Ecomix is currently backed by no less than 6 patents, meaning you know this is scientifically grounded and not just outlandish claims. It’s certified to NSF/ANSI health standards and it has European sanitary certificates issued by TÜV SÜD. It’s also got the water quality association’s gold seal certificate.ecomix

Ecomix has been in service, treating water supplies all over Europe since 1998. That’s 23 years it’s been in circulation, which is a long time to ensure it’s a tried and tested product. It’s used in everything from simple domestic household requirements to industrial level applications. As far as most of Europe is concerned, this is an easy choice to make. It’s backed by certification, it’s been doing the rounds for over two decades, it’s more cost effective than multiple-tank water treatment solutions and it’s available in abundance!
Why Haven’t I Heard Of Ecomix, Then?

If you’re asking that question then chances are, you’re British.

Ecomix a vs c overviewIf there’s one thing you can rely on the Brits to be, it’s habitual and let’s face it, just a bit stubborn. We find something that works and that we like, and then we stick with it. We doggedly defend it and we baulk at the idea of change. “This has always been just fine! Why would I want to change?”

As bizarre as it sounds, there are plenty of water treatment companies out there still using multi-tank solutions for water supplies that would be ideally – and more cost effectively – treated with a simple Ecomix unit. We’ve seen a number of elaborate solutions where we’re left scratching our heads at why this four-tank set-up wasn’t simple replaced with a single tank Ecomix unit.ecomix

We understand the reluctance to try something new; especially when it comes to water treatment. You want to stick with what you know works. Taking a risk on a new media could cost you money if it doesn’t turn out to be any good. Whereas this is something one can empathise with, it does lose some of it’s appeal when you consider just how much these water treatment solutions are costing to put together, compared to the negligible cost of trying out Ecomix just once. It’s also not as though this is much of a risk; as mentioned, Ecomix has patents, certifications and 23 years of being used in Europe. It also does well over in Ireland too.

So why not give it a try? We’re always keen to get this included as a standard of water treatment solutions in the UK and Ireland, so give us a call and we’ll undoubtedly be more than willing to help you out. We love Ecomix and we want you to love it too.
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