Initial Analysis

A short case study this time on a simple water treatment solution. Not all jobs are complex and in the case of this client, a straightforward installation was all they needed. J&F were contacted by a new hotel that was having issues with hardness in the water. This hotel has 203 rooms in total, so it needed something quite substantial to fix the problem of limescale in the water. The hotel’s two main goals were to prevent damage and inefficiency with hotel water equipment and appliances, but more importantly to ensure that guests had high quality water and no issues with drinking or bathing due to the water supply.

New Hotel Customer


36 x 72 Duplex System with 2” CI Valves and MAV. (Motorised Access Valve)


Duplex Water SoftenerThe duplex softener is packed full of high quality softener resin which eliminates CaCO3 in the water and prevents limescale build up on faucets, showerheads and inside pipework. This increases the effectiveness and lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers and boilers which are all used within the hotel. Getting rid of the limescale also benefits the guests, which is the hotels main priority, as they will enjoy better showers and baths, and better tasting water from the mains supply.

To ensure the hotel has an uninterrupted water supply, we recommended a Duplex system with MAV because it makes softened water available 24/7 with no downtime during regeneration. When one of the tanks requires regeneration, the MAV switches the water flow to the second tank. This enables a technician to regenerate the first tank, perform maintenance or even completely disconnect the tank from the system, all without stopping the water flow. This process is called Service and Standby. It enables you to have a constant supply of softened water rather than having “downtime” during the regeneration process.


Our new customers at the hotel were left very happy with the results of their water as it has now eliminated the hardness from the water and limescale buildup is no longer a concern.

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