It’s a long running question about Melt Blown Spun Filter Cartridges, String Wound Filter Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges; aren’t they all the same? Obviously, they are not, as they are created in different ways, but fundamentally speaking, they all do the same thing, don’t they? Well, let’s dive into all the filters we have to offer, and you can make your own decision.


Melt Blown Spun Filter CartridgesThe Melt Blown Spun Filter is for drinking water in commercial properties. This filter cartridge has a high capacity for holding sediment and dirt. As it is a spun filter, the density of the fibres is higher at the core, and lighter on the outside. The result is that heavier particulates are removed in the outer layer, whilst the higher density of fibres removes smaller particulates that passes through the outer layer.

String CartridgeNext up is the String Wound Filter Cartridge, again this is perfect for drinking water in commercial properties. The string wound filter cartridge is tighter at the core and lighter on the outside. Sediment is filtered outon the outer layer, then as the water passes through the filter, the density increases and finer sediment is filtered out along its path. Sounding and looking familiar? So in essence, it’s exactly the same as the Spun Filter above, just made in a slightly different way.

The final of the 3 filter cartridges is the Pleated Filter Cartridge. Pleated CartridgesThis filter excels at filtering drinking water, commercial water and with increased efficiency at particle removal. Pleated Cartridges have a wide surface area, designed to catch sediment particles. Pleated cartridges are capable of filtering higher levels of sediment from water before it requires replacing, especially compared to spun or string cartridge filters.

We really are starting to repeat ourselves here…so what’s the actual difference, functionally speaking? We’ll let you decide. In reality, it seems to mostly come down to preference with Pleated Filter Cartridges being a better choice for particularly “dirty” water.


Carbon Block Filters are pretty useful, but there isn’t an awful lot to say about them. The Carbon Block Filters come in a range of sizes from 0.5 micron through to 5 microns. They work through a process of absorption, where particulates and pollutants in the water are trapped inside the highly porous structure of the carbon. Also, not to forget that our carbon blocks are made from coconut shell, which is highly absorbent due to it’s particularly porous and rough exterior. Oh, they are also ideal for drinking water, commercial applications, removal of chlorine and improvement of odour and taste.


AquaMetix Filter CartridgesThe AquaMetix Single Stage Carbon Filter does sound pretty fancy. This filter offers the highest quality drinking water possible from a single stage filter. AquaMetix™ is a unique blend of proprietary ceramic and carbon technology with Activated PAC media. It uses high quality materials and superb manufacturing methods, helping it to provide an unparalleled performance. In a nutshell, it’s extremely good at it’s job!

It does also offer high chemical adsorption capacity and is an excellent all-encompassing filter cartridge suitable for a wide variety of contaminant removal situations. Full stop, done. You need one of these. Before we forget, it also removes lead, cysts, chlorine, arsenic, copper & zinc.


The Ecosoft PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter does precisely what any sediment filter should do, with an added effect of reducing slime-building bacteria on the filter itself. This bacteriostatic Sediment filter removes particles such as rust, sand, scale and silt and is an excellent pre-filter for any water treatment solution. Bacteriostatic, what does that mean? Well, you know we said this filter helps with reducing slime and mould producing bacteria; it’s that bit. It’s actually a very important part, and it’s what makes it a unique as it prevents the filter from becoming prematurely clogged and therefore requires replacing less frequently. It’s also helping to prevent the build-up of bacteria which can further contaminate your water supply.

What makes this so great, is that the Bacteriostatic Sediment Filter is the same size as the standard sediment filter and will fit the same housings. It can also be used in products such as the Aquapoint Whole House Filter System.

ecosoft aquapoint whole house filterAquapoint whole house filters are very handy as they can be fitted with six different configurations of filters, customising the unit to treat the most common problems with your water supply. It’s a win win, as this is a compact treatment unit for mains water problems. Aquapoint can work as a standalone unit, or complimented with other water treatments, such as water softeners and iron reduction units. See more information on it here.


Before we leave you, we also wanted to remind you of all the wonderful filter housings we do, in all different sizes, suitable for a variety of applications including residential and commercial.Aquafilter Housings

We also wanted to draw your attention to our fancy new Aquafilter Housing. It comes equipped with a fancy new pressure relief valve, which has the ability to release pressure collected during cartridge replacement. A Pressure Gauge is also included, which provides pressure drop monitoring. If a second pressure gauge is fitted, pressure drops can be monitored on both the inlet and outlet connections. This makes maintenance and troubleshooting much, much easier, and allows you to monitor for problems before they become too severe. The new aquafilter housing is ideal for high flow, cold water on residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Thats all from us this week but stay tuned for more J&F updates next week. Another quick reminder that we can create bespoke water treatment solutions to help with any of your water treatment needs. Just give us a call and we are happy to help! Have a great weekend.

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