J&F do several different tailored solutions for commercial and domestic properties. In this case we supplied to an installation company a household water treatment solution to go into a client’s garage. They were struggling with hardness and a lot of manganese in the water that needed sorting. Take a look at how we helped!

What We Supplied

13 x 54 Ecomix with 140 litre brine tank
2 x 20 Big Blue filter housings
1 x 20-micron pre-filter (sediment filter) for Ecomix Unit
1 x 5-micron pre-filter (sediment filter) for UV
1 x LB5-103 Luminor UV


In this situation we had a water manganese level of 300ug/l (PCV 50), along with a total hardness, as CaCO3, of 200ppm, hardness of this level will cause limescale and deposits in pipework, resulting in blockages. An important point would be that hard water will also have a negative effect on the efficiency of the UV disinfection system included in this system. This is down to limescale build up on the quartz sleeve, blocking the UV light from being able to do its job.

A 13×54 Ecomix Unit with 140 litre brine tank was recommended to reduce the high levels of manganese and soften the water going into the home. The pre sediment filter was included to help remove some of the larger contaminants, such as sediment, dirt, sand and organic matter.

Ecomix is a very effective all-round iron and manganese treatment media. In some instances higher levels of manganese can be very difficult to remove from water. Conventional treatments for iron and manganese sometimes require extra introduction of air to help the iron oxidise out of the water, helping the media to deal with the manganese which is more difficult to remove. Also, some installers will also increase the pH to help to media remove iron and manganese. However, with Ecomix media, none of this is required and the media will regenerate using a brine solution in the same way as a conventional softener would.

In this domestic property there was also no requirement for a hard water bypass valve to stop untreated water passing through to service during a regeneration cycle. This is because the regeneration is set to happen when water is not being used by anyone in the house. This is typically set during the night when everyone is asleep. The frequency of the regeneration may be once a week, once every few weeks, or once every few days, greatly depending on the water usage of the household.

Luminor Blackcomb LB5-103 as always was placed last to eliminate the bacteria from within the water. A Pre-filters is used before the UV to stop bacteria be able to hide behind any particles, which is known as shadowing.


The client was left very happy and with a new tailored water treatment solution to provide them with clean, filtered water into their home. There’s more where that came from too! Whether it’s a full, multi-stage solution for an industrial application or a simple system for domestic requirements, we’re able to provide you with exactly what you’ll need. If you’d like to discuss your water treatment requirements, or you’re a water treatment engineer, contractor or installer, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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