Happy Monday! To start the week off the right way, we wanted to share with you an order that recently came in. We have a big mix of products in this order from mineral tanks, filter medias and resins and high flow brine valve kits!

Recent Order

Carry on reading for a break down of what was included in this order…

10×35″ Cabinet Softener Tanks
10×24″Cabinet Softener Tanks
10×17″ Cabinet Softener Tanks
Filter AG Plus
Softener Resin
190 litre Brine Tanks
140 litre Brine Tanks
Mineral Tanks in numerous sizes including;
10×19″ 2.5″
10×24″ 2.5″
8×17″ 2.5″
10×54″ 2.5″
13×54″ 2.5″
21×62″ 4″
18×65″ 4″
16×65″ 4″
12×52″ 2.5″
10×44″ 2.5″
10×35″ 2.5″
8×35″ 2.5″
6×13″ 2.5″
Overflow Elbows
High Flow Brine
Valve Kits

A break down

Order to J&F First things first we had 3 different sizes of cabinet softener tanks. Mainly for residential use, these softener tanks provide softened water. The reason you would want softened water is because it prevents the build up of scale from your water supply. Scale builds around faucets and shower-heads and if not treated, cuts the life span of these products; this is why a cabinet softener is almost a must.

Something else that will appeal to you due to the current climate of increasing bills; your heating bills can also be reduced due to a lack of scale build up in pipework and within your boiler. They have a compact design for easy installation taking up minimal space so you are sure to find the right one for you.

Make sure you read more about our cabinet softeners here.

Filter Media and Resin

Onto the filter medias & resin; Filter AG Plus and Softener Resin. Here at J&F we have a very big range of different filter medias and resins, but this time we needed a little top up of these two!

Filter AG Plus is great for removing suspended irons, organic matter, silt & dirt. It’s an all-natural, environmentally safe product. It also has a high sediment removal capacity resulting in longer filter runs and fewer backwashing cycles.

Next is the softener resin. This popular resin treats one of the most common issues in the water industry; hardness. This resin is suited for commercial, industrial or residential water softening, so wherever you need it, it’ll work for you!

Small Communities
Large Houses
Commercial Boilers
Laundry Businesses

For a more in detail look at the filter media and resins we have to offer and what they do please click here for the article.
Brine Tanks and Mineral Tanks

We also had 190 Litre and 140 Litre brine tanks delivered, adding to our already large range of all different size brine tanks. We have brine tanks available individually or part of a system, ready to be filled with water softener salt, or whatever has been tailored for your water needs.

Last but not least we had a huge aray of different size mineral tanks, ranging from 6×13 through to 21×62. We already stock multiple sizes of the mineral tanks ranging from 6″ diameter through to 42″ diameter. Suitable for all industrial and potable water treatment systems. This product is essential as it feeds the water into the tanks to help with the water filter process. Whether it be softening hard water, removing sediment or eliminating chlorine, the mineral tanks make it possible.

As always if you ever have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to talk through any concerns. It’s also good to mention that we can create bespoke, tailored water treatment solutions catered to your specific water needs.

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