Happy Hump Day! Well in this case Happy Ecosoft Day! We have had a big Ecosoft delivery filling in some of the gaps to our favourite products.

See below what was in this order:

Ecosoft Delivery

MO 6500 Econnect pro
Low pressure Membrane – 4040
Anti-Scalent, 10kgs Drum
Anti-Scalent, 20kgs Drum
CE 1 Inch Valve with meter
1” Time Clock Filter Valve
Ecosoft Advanced 5 stage RO System
Ecosoft Residential 5 stage RO System
Ecosoft Residential 5 stage RO System
Ecosoft P’ure Balance RO System Pumped
Ecosoft P’ure Aquacalcium with Pump
2.5” x 10” Carbon Block Filter, 10 Micron
4.5” x 10” Carbon Block Filter, 10 Micron
4.5” x 20” Carbon Block Filter, 10 Micron
2.5” x 10” GAC Filter
Replacement Filter Pack for P’ure
Replacement Filters for RO Unit
Re-Mineralizing Filter (Push Fit)
Ecomix Type C Filtration Media, 25L Bag
CE 1 inch valve with meter

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis SystemYou’ll see in this order we got in a few of the 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems in. Providing up to 190L of water a day, these RO’s are ideal for domestic applications, as they are compact and great for under-the-sink installations. These systems supply clean, purified water for drinking, making beverages, cooking and other household chores. For more information on the 5 & 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems click here.
P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis Systems

P’ure Range of Reverse Osmosis FiltersWe also got in the new and swanky P’ure Balance range of ROs, The original P’ure Balance and the Aquacalcium. The Aquacalcium is a favourite as it’s economical and environmentally friendly. This reverse osmosis unit provides the fresh, soft, natural taste of water, it also has a mineraliser which enriches treated water with calcium. You can read more about our P’ure Balance range here.
Filters, Filters and More Filters

Next up we have a load more filters come in. You might already be aware here at J&F we have numerous filters for you to get your hands on. From Carbon Blocks and Granulated Activated Carbon filters, to String Wound, Pleated and Melt Blown Spun Filters, yes we really do stock them all.

You can even read more about them by clicking here.

And thats it from us for another behind the scenes look into the deliveries we have coming in here at J&F.

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