This latest tailored solution was for a client of ours, who had a customer with a borehole that supplies potable standard water to three domestic properties and a small holding. 

When doing research into the water, it had failed on turbidity, manganese and iron. We needed to provide an effective solution to enable these domestic properties to have safe and clean water.

We supplied the 13×54 Filter AG+ Unit to reduce the turbidity which is always the first step when dealing with water treatment. Filter AG+ has a large surface area and a microporous structure for highly efficient turbidity filtration. It’s also an all-natural, environmentally safe product, so it’s a double thumbs up from us.


Next we were onto the Duplex Softener System with the filter media Ecomix; this is to reduce the iron and manganese to acceptable levels. Yes, we are going to say again how brilliant Ecomix is, and that it’s basically a must-have for anyone dealing with water hardness, iron and manganese removal and sediment issues in their water. In short, Ecomix is a five-stage treatment media for an all-in-one solution.

You can read more about our filter medias and resins in this full run down article here. 

Last but not least is the Luminor LB5-203 UV, this is placed last as it kills any bacteria in the water supply that otherwise could have been hiding behind sediment or organic matter in the first water filtration process, otherwise known as ‘shadowing’. So, after all other contaminants have been removed from the water, the UV treatment will have no problem eliminating all viruses and bacteria, providing these domestic properties with clean water.

Please remember we can create bespoke water treatment solutions to help with any problem water in any domestic or commercial property, or if you just want to refresh your water filter systems you have in place now. Give us a call or get in touch and we will happily talk through some options with you.

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