Treating pH in your water supply can be achieved easily with the correct application of sacrificial medias that we sell right here at J&F. Our three mainstay products are Juraperle, Sedimol and De-Alk Resin.

What’s the difference between the three you might be thinking? You may have heard us bang on about all the different filter media and resins we do, if you haven’t; you can always read up on them here.

Juraperle is a slow reacting pH corrector.
Sedimol is a fast reacting pH corrector for low pH levels.
De-Alk Resin is used for dealkalisation and deionisation in water.

The ph scale measures how acidic or alkaline your water is. The lower the pH number of a water source, the more acidic it is, and if your water supply has a high pH number, it is high in alkaline. In your water you ideally want it to be within a pH of 6.8 – 7.2 to be at its best for your drinking water. pH levels outside of these levels can cause corrosion to pipes (often seen as a blue/green stain and low pH in your water; meaning its acidic, can have effects on your health. Having acidic water can result in headapH Scale Diagramches, stomach cramps and nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea and long-lasting effects such as kidney and liver disease. This is especially true in children due to their developing bodies.

If your pH is too high it means it is an alkaline. This can cause corrosion in pipes and cause damage to appliances over time, stain laundry and cause blue/green marks on sinks and faucets.

Acidic water can be hard to treat as it can also be filled with other contaminants such as heavy metals. It’s always best to get your water properly tested so you know precisely what to treat it for. It may be necessary to remove iron, manganese or other contaminants in the water as well as dealing with a low or high pH level.

In the case of water that is too acidic, Juraperle is a great way of raising the pH of the water to a stable level without overcorrecting. For very acidic water, you may need to use Semidol which is fast reacting and good for lifting very low pH levels.

In the case of water that is too alkaline, De-Alk Resin can lower the pH level. As you can see, it’s important to get the right fit for the job, and don’t forget that other thing may be wrong with your water too. It’s rare for a water source that is too acidic or alkaline to not have any other problems.

As ever, if you need any help identifying the issues with your water supply and what treatment plan would best suit your circumstances, please contact us and we are happy to help.

Read about our pH treatment here.

Please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to talk through any concerns about your water. It’s also good to mention that we can create bespoke, tailored water treatment solutions catered to your specific water needs.

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