We don’t just provide water treatment solutions for large industrial clients. We can cater for smaller, domestic requirements as well. A client of ours – a reputable water treatment engineer and installer based in Ireland – came to us with a project for treating a residential home’s borehole water. The three main issues with the water were high levels of iron, manganese and hardness. Having procured a water analysis, we got to work putting together a simple but effective solution.

Residential Water Treatment

What We Recommended:

10” Big Blue housing with 20 micron sediment filter
10 x 44 Ecomix A unit
10” clear housing with 5 micron sediment filter
LB5-063 6gpm Blackcomb unit
Domestic Reverse Osmosis Unit

Ecomix & BagThe first stage of the system is a 20 micron sediment filter. This removes any large particles of dirt, grit, sand and organics from the water system; essentially it’s a “first scrub” for getting the more obvious muck out of the water. We always put in a pre-filter such as this one to help remove the larger contaminants from the water so that the main units – in this case, Ecomix – can get to work on the more difficult and complex water treatment process without being clogged up by the larger contaminants.

As mentioned, the Ecomix unit is next and is really the powerhouse of the entire system. Ecomix is able to treat water hardness, remove iron and manganese and eliminate sediment and organics from the water, all in one go. Ecomix is a hybrid media blend, with high quality softener resin for treating water hardness, Ferrosorb media for removing dissolved, suspended, organic and colloidal iron from water, as well as eliminating manganese. Finally, Humisorb removes organic matter and sediment from the water supply.

Residential Water Treatment SolutionWith just one tank, Ecomix can treat the four most common causes of water issues. With any other system, you would require multiple tanks, one filled with softener resin, another with iron and manganese treatment media and a further tank or means of removing the sediment and organic compounds. As you can imagine, Ecomix is far more cost effective, it’s more compact and easier to install and it sacrifices nothing in quality and longevity.

Finally, the water passes through a Blackcomb UV disinfection unit. A 5 micron sediment filter sits in front of this just to catch anything that might slip through the Ecomix unit, although this is very unlikely. However, when it comes to bacteria and viruses it’s always best to be cautious and safe. If any particles are left in the water when it passes through the UV, the UV light may miss some of the bacteria or viruses present in the water due to these particles getting in the way. This is known as Shadowing, and you want to prevent this at all costs!

The water is then piped to the house where it can be used cleanly and safely.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis System

Pure Balance RO Drinking SystemThere is one extra bit of equipment included in this water treatment solution, and that is a domestic P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis system. Installed in the kitchen with its own faucet, this was included so that the best quality drinking water was available from one point in the house. Although the water is more than safe to drink from any point in the house, a P’ure Balance RO provides one final filter of the water and also removes the sodium from the water that was added during the water softening process. Although sodium has no effect on health or taste, many people would prefer the assurance of having it removed. It also adds back in vital minerals as well as restoring the classic “taste” to water that people expect (pure H2O often catches people off guard with just how tasteless it is).

By having its own dedicated faucet, only the water leaving this one outlet is treated by the RO, which is much more cost effective for a residential setup than treating the whole house’s water supply with a larger RO. Such a solution would be overkill as water is not going to be consumed from showers, toilets and bathroom sinks, typically. By just treating the water at one outlet, the water is purified and tastes great for cooking and consumption.
Bespoke Water Treatment Solution – Big or Small

Our customer – the contractor – was able to provide their client with a cost effective, compact and highly efficient water treatment solution that cleans the water for their whole house and provides pure water that is safe for consumption. Whether it’s a full, multi-stage solution for an industrial application or a simple system for domestic requirements, we’re able to provide you with exactly what you’ll need. If you’d like to discuss your water treatment requirements, or you’re a water treatment engineer, contractor or installer, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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