A Large New Built Home with Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Low pH and much more!

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Over in Ireland we had a recent order we supplied to a returning customer of ours, for a large newly built home that had the following issues in their new well:

  • High turbidity reading
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hardness
  • Low ph 
  • Slightly discoloured
  • Bacteria present

new build

Clearly from that long list above we don’t want any of those issues in the water so we wanted to create a bespoke system specifically for this issue as this new house must have had a new bore hole drilled in. We want to help provide clean, safe and filtered water to this home. 

The reason we supplied 2 lots of the 10×44 TC filter ag+ units, was due to high reading of turbidity in this home’s water. Secondly we were onto the fan favourite Ecomix. This will sort out lots of problems in the water such as the hardness, iron and natural organic matter. If you want more info we have a great information sheet here on how Ecomix works; it also highlights why you should have it in your water treatment systems. 

New build IEThe next filter media in the line of this filtration system is the Juraperle unit. This is the shining star for correcting low pH in the water. You probably know this already, for the people in the back who don’t know, if you have low pH in your water source it makes it more acidic. However if the water has a high pH it is high in alkaline. What we aim for in the water is a number between 6.8 – 7.2, this will mean that your water source will be considered safe for drinking. 

10” Ecosoft housing with 5 micron sediment filter is next in the water filter system as it is great at, you guessed it brilliant at removing sediment, but also has the added effect of reducing slime-building bacteria on the filter itself. The sediment filter removes particles such as rust, sand, scale and silt and is an excellent pre-filter for any water treatment solution. Specifically this one as it also protects plumbing and sanitary wares which is important for this new build. 



Finally the 6gpm Luminor Blackcomb UV is placed at the end of the system getting rid of any lingering bacteria missed in the filtration process. This placement is very common in the water system industry as the UVs reduce the risk of any bacteria getting into the water system. 

The customer was left with crystal clear water after all of our recommended treatment systems and another happy client for our returning customer.

For any other questions make sure you get in touch here.

Ireland Office Enquiries or call us on 067 3422

UK Office Enquiries or call us on 01538 399048

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