Check this out for a revamp, we recently changed over an old, worn-down fleck duplex softener in a country sports club, and replaced it with a brand new, shiny 13×54 clack duplex softener from us here at J&F.

Our duplex softeners come in all shapes and sizes. The Duplex water filtration system makes softened water available 24/7 with no downtime during regeneration. They are a perfect water filter solution to provide constant, clean, filtered water in commercial properties throughout the day. In this case, this country sports ground needed a quick refresh by swapping the old run down water filter system with a new 13×54 clack duplex softener.

The sports ground needs clean drinking water and mains water for its changing rooms, a bar and cafe that it has on site. This place frequently uses a heck of a lot of water, so this is definitely worth the revamp!

duplex water softenerThe duplex softeners work by removing magnesium and calcium ions from the water. It does this by swapping the calcium/magnesium ions with sodium ions in a process called ion exchange. The duplex softeners are two softener tanks where the water supply is switched between the tanks.

When one of the tanks needs to go into regeneration, the second tank takes over softening the water whilst the first goes through the regeneration process. When the second tank then requires regeneration, they switch again, and so on. This process is called Service and Standby and enables you to have a constant supply of softener water, rather than having “downtime” during the regeneration process. So a perfect fit for this property where the grounds are used constantly for many sports, including football, hockey and cricket.

As always, if you want to speak with us to see how we can help with your water treatment needs you can contact us and we are happy to help. We can even create bespoke systems tailored specifically to help your water.

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