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The Ecosoft delivery finally came! We were in desperate need for this order, so had to get it in, unpacked and right back out again to multiple customers of ours. What was in this order you might ask?Ecosoft Delivery

As always our domestic and commercial RO’s are flying out to numerous places for many reasons, as they come with many benefits. Starting things off with the commercial ROs we have. They range from 6,500 litres a day up to 36,000 litres per day and remove 99.8% of impurities from your water.  The Ecosoft light commercial reverse osmosis systems all come equipped with the OC6000 controller, this is for constant self monitoring. It’s a great benefit to the system as it provides you with the following:

  • Automatic switching on and off of the system through monitoring of the permeate collector sensor levels and pressure of the permeate line
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Hydraulic flushing of membranes
  • Measures the volume and flow rate of purified water
  • Constant, permanent monitoring and quality control 

The commercial 6500 reverse osmosis unit can be used for multiple applications such as, cottages, cafes, restaurants, laboratories, workshops, steam boilers, generators and small technological applications.

You’ll also see on the order that we topped up with lots of different filters and filter membranes. See this article we wrote about all the filter media and resins we sell here at J&F

Finally we have the Robust, they are an excellent solution for those who desire a Reverse Osmosis system, but do not use commercial levels of water each day. They are great for people in the HoReCa industry. Anyone who works in any cafe, bar or restaurant will tell you that when it comes to food and drink, taste is everything! Let us help you with that, and ensure you’ve got the best quality water for every meal and beverage. Read more about our range of Robust products here. 

As always stay tuned to see what other deliveries come into stock, or where our bespoke, tailored water treatment systems have ended up. If you have any questions or need help seeing what system is right for you. Please just give us a call on 01538 399 048 and we will happily discuss options with you.

UK Office Enquiries or call us on 01538 399048

Ireland Office Enquiries or call us on 067 34222


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